April 12, 2018

About Us


Our Approach

Our goal is to unite the community to support local neighborhoods with small and large projects to enrich our community.  We are a independent, citizen led 501(c)3 organization founded to mobilize people and generate resources to protect and enhance Nantucket’s parks, recreation and open spaces.

Our Story

Nantucket Parks and Recreation was created in 2017.   It came about as a common goal that we shared about improving parks, recreation, and open spaces on Nantucket.  We find the value in well maintained parks, and open spaces. It is essential to support the communities economic competitiveness and environment, physical and mental health, and cultural well- being.

Meet the Team

 Our Team shares the same vision to make our parks, recreation, and opens spaces fantastic.


Jesse Dutra


Jesse Dutra owns Waterscape Design Group a successful landscape company on Nantucket. His designs are inspired by nature. Jesse was married in 2009 and now has three young children.


Emily Osgood


Emily grew up in Marblehead and spent summers sailing to Nantucket. Emily and her family are now enjoying summers in their home in Madaket. Emily served on the Board of the Marblehead Counseling Center and is presently on the Board of Making Ends Meet, a non profit providing financial aid to families in crisis.


Cheryl Emery


Cheryl has lived on Nantucket since 1982. She sold her design business in 2014 and now operates a small organic farm. Cheryl is the current Chair of Nantucket Parks and Recreation Commission. She sits on the Community Preservation Committee. Cheryl loves sports and is a nature enthusiast.


Rich Turer


Rich Turer is President of Nantucket & Company, a marketing and business development consultancy firm based on island.  Since moving to Nantucket full-time in 2012 with his family, he has participated as a member of Park & Recreation and the Community Preservation Committee.  Rich also lead a one-year project as funded by Remain Nantucket and operated as ACKTOWN which contributed to the development of the Nantucket Cultural District, the establishment of a 501C3 offering free music in downtown parks and open spaces and more. Proudly married by Ted Anderson, Rich has been lead marketer for two publicly-owned hospitality companies prior to his move here.


Dylan Wallace


Dylan Wallace was born and raised on Nantucket. While growing up he spent summers exploring the natural beauty of the island while fishing in the ponds, picking blueberries, blackberries and beach plums and giving for squid.  Now he runs a organic landscaping business that focuses on edible plants.  He also is the mentor farmer at the Community Farm, growing fruit, herbs, spices and peppers for his wife’s spice shop Ambrosia.  As if that wasn’t enough   he also caters throughout the year while using local, organic produce and meats for everything from weddings to non-profit events.  Dylan is passionate about the well being of the islands community and believes that the parks and recreation involved are essential to keeping the community happy and healthy.

Sandy Walsh Nantucket Community Parks and Recreation

Sandy Walsh


Sandy Walsh, a resident since 2001, is committed to community based service. She is the former director of theSpace, an open studio for the creative and healing arts and event coordinator of Nantucket AIDS Network; former board member of the Nantucket Arts Council and Nantucket Network of Wellbeing; co-founder of Nantucket Eco Group & SpringFest, The Women’s Gathering and the Henry Varian Fellowship. Sandy volunteers for The Nantucket Project, The Nantucket Lighthouse School and Sustainable Nantucket. Currently a volunteer farmer and a Traditional Thai Massage therapist and bodyworker


Mark Donato


Next Steps…

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